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Chemistry and Biochemistry at Monmouth College

The MC Chemistry Department invites you to browse our web site and contact the FacultyMC's Chemistry Department has a long tradition of preparing students for successful and rewarding careers in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering and a variety of other career paths.

The Monmouth College Chemistry Department strives to….

 1. sharpen students’ quantitative skills.
 2. encourage critical thinking.
 3. demonstrate the cumulative aspect of chemistry principles.
 4. afford students the opportunity to get involved in a research project as early as their sophomore year.
 5. utilize “inquiry based learning” in lecture.
 6. strengthen students’ scientific writing and presentation skills.
 7. illustrate the interrelatedness among chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics.

The Department offers a hands-on curriculum, rich in research opportunities and one-on-one student/faculty interactions.  Alumnus William LeSuer has provide an instrumentation endowment which allows the Department to purchase, on average, a major piece of instrumentation each year.  A former Professor and name sake of the Monmouth College Science building, W. S.  "Haldy" Haldeman has endowed the Department with a library fund which provides internet access to current research journals, the latest book and periodical publications, and the latest in chemistry and scientific software.


Consider what your future might be like with a chemistry or biochemistry degree from Monmouth College.


Trips to Research Conferences!


ACS National Conference in 2011(Anaheim, CA) and 2012 (San Diego, CA)

We also went in 2013 to New Orleans and in 2014 to Dallas, TX!!!


Doc Kieft Summer Research Program 2014 Participants!!!

Morgan Gulley

YeJun Park

Chris Knutson

Carley Folluo

Tyler Williams

Andrea Gasow

Keri Hannie

Jasmine Davila



Monmouth College Chemistry/Biochemistry Majors/Minors and their 2013 Summer Research Experiences


Stephanie Lankford University of Illinois
Kelsey Barnes University of Wisconsin
Jake Owens Purdue University
Max Holle and Jacon Hutton Monmouth College - Dr. Audra Sostarecz
Alexander Peacock and Samantha Candor Monmouth College - Dr. Brad Sturgeon
Alanna Terttin and Kaitlyn Miller Monmouth College - Dr. James Godde
Heather Malone and Mitch Heueremann Monmouth College - Dr. Lindsay Ditzler

Monmouth College Chemistry/Biochemistry Majors/Minors and their Psot-Graduate Institutions



Colorado State University - Chemistry
Depaul University - Chemistry
Indiana University - Chemistry
Iowa State University - Chemistry
Kent State University - Chemistry
Northeastern University - Chemistry
Univeristy of Iowa - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics, and Free Radical Radiation Biology
University of Missouri, St. Louis - Chemistry
University of Nebraska - Chemistry
Penn State University - Chemistry
Worcester Polytechnical Institute - Chemistry
Purdue University - Chemistry
Des Moines University Medical School
Mercer University Pharmacy School
Midwestern PA School
Rush Medical School - Nursing
Southern Illinois University Medical School
University of Illinois Vet School
Abbott Labs - Chemistry - Pharmaceuticals
Grain Processing - Muscatine- Research Tech
Sigma-Aldrich - Chemist
Rockford College - MAT (Master's Teaching Program)
Univeristy of Kansas - MBA








ACS Student Affiliates Charter from 1949 signed by Linus Pauling!!!!!!




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