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Non omnia possumus omnes

Vergil. Eclogues VIII, 63

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The Classics Department Welcomes
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Department of Classics
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The theme of the 2016 Monmouth College calendar is "Teaching Excellence, a Continuing Legacy." Each month features a different department, with a senior and junior faculty member holding the photograph of a faculty member from the past. The Classics picture appears for August, 2016--perhaps an "august" choice, since the eighth month is named after the Roman emperor Augustus. Here is the text which accompanies this photograph:
For more than two decades [actually three decades], Tom Sienkewicz has continued the work of his predecessor, the late Bernice Fox, in teaching the Classics at Monmouth with a passion. After having been honored last year with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Illinois Classical Conference, he earned the 2015 Hatch Academic Excellence Award for Distinguished Service. The Minnie Billings Capron Professor of Classics at Monmouth, he also serves as chief executive and financial officer of The Classical Association of the Middle West and South, the journal of which is published at Monmouth. The newest member of the department, Bob Simmons, shares Sienkewicz's energy and enthusiasm. In his first year on the faculty, he organized a highly-successful Classics Day last spring, featuring more than 25 events, such as ancient military demonstrations. Professor Fox taught Classics at Monmouth from 1947 until 1981. Her collection of classical artifiacts is displayed in the Capron Classics Room in Wallace Hall [where this photo was taken].




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