Political Science Major.

A major in Political Science consists of at least 30 semester hours, including the following courses: Government 103, 200, 245 or 270; 311 or 321 or 395; 397;411 or 414;415.

Political Science Minor.

A Political Science minor consists of 15 semester hours, at least nine of which must be taken on the Monmouth College campus and at least three of which must be taken above the 200 level.

Teacher Certification.

Majors who seek secondary teaching certification are expected to complete at least 33 semester hours, including Government 103; 200 or 270; 311 or 395; 411 or 412; and 415. They are also required to obtain teaching competence in a second field by adding prescribed work in other social services. Additional certification requirements are described in the Education Department section of the catalog.