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SOCI 101. Introduction to Sociology
A review of basic concepts, theories, and principles used in analyzing human behavior in social contexts. (1 course credit.) 

SOCI 102. Social Problems
An introductory survey of selected contemporary social problems using some of the major concepts of sociology. (1 course credit.) 

ANTH 103. Introduction to Anthropology
A broad introduction to the anthropological study of human diversity. It will familiarize students with each of the four sub-fields of anthropology by focusing on human culture, human biology, human language, and archaeology. (1 course credit.) 

SOCI 180. Introduction to Human Services in the United States
An introduction to the basic concepts and principles, and the history and future of human services in the United States. An overview of the major social issues in the United States, the impact they have on the individual and the community, and policy responses. (1 course credit.)

SOCI 247. Race and Ethnicity
A study of racial and ethnic identity and how their interaction with gender, class, and other identities creates oppressions and social structures of inequality, both historically and currently. (1 course credit.)

SOCI 251. Criminology
An analysis of the social bases of law, the application of law, types of crime, theories of crime, and societal responses to crime. (1 course credit.)

SOCI 250/ANTH 250. Special Studies in Sociology/Anthropology
An examination of selected problems and issues from a sociological or anthropological perspective. May be repeated for credit. (1 course credit.)

SOAN 301. Theories of Culture and Society
An overview of contemporary and classical theories of society and culture. The review of theoretical orientations of the past will help to set up a theoretical framework for analyzing contemporary social and cultural dynamics and events. Reading both theoretical texts and case studies, students will be introduced to the abstract realm of theorizing and the concrete application of diverse theories. (1 course credit.)

SOAN 302. Methods of Social Research
An overview of the methods sociologists and anthropologists use to empirically study social phenomena. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are considered. Includes a two-hour laboratory session to accommodate hands-on research. Prerequisites: MATH 106, or permission of the instructor. (1 course credit.)

SOAN 310. Internship in Sociology/Anthropology
An experience designed to allow students in Sociology/Anthropology to apply the concepts and ideas developed during study in the disciplines to a particular workplace or setting. Prerequisites: At least junior standing, and prior approval of the department. May be repeated for credit with departmental approval. (.5 to 1 course credit)

SOCI 320/ANTH 320. Independent Study
Independent study in an area of sociology or anthropology directed by a member of the department. May be repeated for credit. (.5 to 1 course credit.) 

SOCI 327. Sociology of Medicine
An analysis of social processes and structures as they bear on the development and definition of disease, the seeking of care, the training and behavior of practitioners, and the overall health-care delivery system. (1 course credit.) 

SOCI 344. Sociology of Work
This course will give students an overview of the nature and structure of work and the workplace: how work was accomplished in the past, the social organization of work today, and changes anticipated in the workplace of the 21st century. Thematic emphases include class, gender, race and ethnicity, technology, and the global economy. (1 course credit.)

SOCI 345. Social Inequality
An examination of social stratification, which concerns the unequal distribution of wealth, income, status, and power. Considers how life chances of individuals vary by social class, gender, race and ethnicity. Explores the relationship between globalization, global disparities in wealth, and inequality within the United States. (1 course credit.) 

SOCI 353. Social Interaction
An analysis of elementary social relationships emphasizing their development, maintenance, and transformation. Includes observation of interaction in laboratory and non-laboratory settings. (1 course credit.) 

SOCI 355. Social Movements
An analysis of relatively non-institutionalized forms of group behavior with primary emphasis on social protest. Substantive focus typically includes the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement. (1 course credit.)

ANTH 260. Cultures of the Middle East
Provides background information about historical developments in the regions, reviews the role of Islam, and examines contemporary everyday/popular cultures. (1 course credit.)

ANTH 362. Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective
An exploration of themes and questions of gender as defined and experienced in different cultural contexts. Central to the course is the analysis of the cultural construction of gender. (1 course credit.) 

ANTH 364. Cities in Cross-Cultural Perspective
A new analytical experience of spaces that might seem familiar, illustrating how cities, streets and other urban spaces are made and remade within larger national and global political, economic and cultural contexts. (1 course credit.)

SOAN 410. Senior Research Preparation
Preparation for the senior research project in Sociology/Anthropology. (0.5 course credit.)

SOAN 420. Research Seminar
A seminar in which each participant conducts a research project involving a review of the literature, research design, data collection and analysis, and written and oral presentations of the findings. The project is the culminating experience of the major program in sociology/anthropology. (1 course credit.)


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