Night Sky
Susan Yankowitz

February 25-28, 2016
7:30 pm Thursday-Saturday
2:00 pm Sunday

Tickets $7; $6 seniors and students; $5 MC ID

This extraordinary drama premiered to acclaim in a New York production directed by Joseph Chaikin. Night Sky theatrically explores what Steven Hawking has called the two mysteries remaining to us: the brain and the cosmos. When she is hit by a car, the brilliant and articulate astronomer Anna loses her ability to speak, a condition known as aphasia. What emerges from her mouth is a hodge-podge of unconnected words alternately confusing, funny, original and wise - and sometimes all four. In a series of brief, often comic episodes, the play follows Anna through her illness and ultimate acceptance of herself a personal triumph, despite a continuing infirmity and dramatizes the impact of her changed circumstances on her lover, her teen-aged daughter, and her professional life.

Wells Theatre