Oedipus Rex

by Sophocles

October 27-30, 2016

7:30 pm Thurs.-Sat.
2 pm-Sun.

Tickets $8; $7 students & seniors; $6 MC ID



Thebes is a city—a city in trouble. It all seems tied up in the murder of Laius, the previous king. Lucky for the citizens, Oedipus is in charge now, and he’ll go to any length to solve the mystery. Who’s to blame? Does Creon, his brother-in-law, want Oedipus out of the way? Will the fortune teller, Tiresias, ever reveal what he truly knows? Did the shepherd put the kibosh on the king? What do we really know about Oedipus’s wife, the fatally beautiful Jocasta? Is she somehow more than what she seems? And with a troubled family past, and a curse hanging over his head, should Oedipus be looking even closer to home, or is he too blind to see the truth? This play by Sophocles has been called “the first detective story,” and here Greek tragedy crashes into the gritty pictures and colorful words from film noir, in a shadowy, dangerous world of detectives, secrets, and femme fatales.


Wells Theater