The Monmouth College Theatre now has the ability to offer online ticket reservations!

Here’s the process:

Go to:

1. First Time user – select “Sign up”, fill out info and click on “Register”
2. After you’ve registered, simply select “Member” and log in with your Username and Password

Once you are logged in:
1. Select the performance you want
2. Select the correct ticket price
3. Click on any available seat(s)
4. Click “Buy”
In the pop up window, select “box office” for “type of Payment” and also “Box office”
for “Method of Delivery”
Click on “Sell”
You should immediately receive a confirmation email from Bill Wallace with your ticket
information. (Note: You may need to right click to “download pictures” to
display your facsimile ticket.)
Print out the confirmation email, and present it at the Theatre Box Office…
Your ticket(s) will be waiting for you!

Note: We cannot accept online payment for tickets at this time, but we’re working on it…

If there are questions or problems, please contact Dr. Bill Wallace: