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What exactly is recruitment or rush? 

        It is the process one undergoes to join a fraternity.  Each fraternity on campus holds rush events the first few weeks of each semester.  This time provides fraternity members a chance to get acquainted with those interested in joining.  At the end of the rush period, bids (invitations to join the organization) are extended.


Are fraternities what we see of them on TV or in the movies?

        The answer is NO.  Media generally portrays fraternities in a negative light.  The "Animal House" stereotype is all too common, and it is an inaccurate representation of our values.  Movies and television rarely depict the true character of Greek organizations.  Community service, academics, and intramural events are key components to our mission.


I hear that joining a fraternity costs a lot of money.  Is this true?

        No.  The monetary cost, which is minimal,  is far outweighed by the benefits received.  We have payment plan options that help ease any financial burdens.  We have a grade incentive program which rewards academic success.  We also offer scholarships on the Chapter and National level.  Check out the Distinct Advantage Scholarship and


Just what are the benefits of being in a fraternity?

        Leadership opportunities, academic encouragement and assistance, community involvement, and increased social development are all immediate benefits of becoming a member of a fraternity.  Bonds created during a fraternity experience are everlasting.  Connections can be established with friends and Alumni that could help land a future job. 





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