Text Box: Epsilon Nuís
Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
Epsilon Nu Chapter
Monmouth College                MC#68ó318 N. 9th St.   Monmouth, IL  61412                   Fall 2005
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Text Box: State of the Fraternity

Text Box: Distinguished and Honorable Brothers,
As we have started the 2005-2006 school year, many exciting things have been going on within Alpha Tau Omega.  
As mentioned in the last newsletter, we suffered a big loss last year as a result of our chapter graduating a total of nine seniors.  However, we were able to make up that difference this semester as we pledged 10 new men.  These men are a distinguished group that our chapter feels will make us proud in carrying on the beliefs and principles that our beloved fraternity cherishes so much.  We have pledged new men into our house ranging from freshmen to juniors.  These men include Dave Abrams, Ryan Powers, Junichiro Honda, Kazaya Ogawa, Randy Anderson, Donald Jones, John Serra, Tyler Riggs, Mike Mekley, and Jim Travnik.  
With the assistance from Membership Education Chairmen, Brother Zak Edmonds and newly elected Brother James Kohlbacher, these men are

Text Box: Our chapter asks that each and every one of you sincerely consider taking on a position, as we would much appreciate your help.  
                  On Saturday, Oct. 22nd, Homecoming is here.  All of us here at Alpha Tau Omega-EN are looking forward to seeing everyone come out and join us in the celebration. Hope to see everyone here.
                  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out our website at https://department.monm.edu/ato/ or contact Alumni Relations Chairman Bob Blitek rblitek@monm.edu or myself jgorzkow@monm.edu.
Jon Gorzkowski 
Epsilon Nu
Worthy Master 

Text Box: sure to learn the leadership, brotherhood, and scholarship, that make our chapter most distinguished.  
Also, as men dedicated to giving back to the community, Alpha Tau Omega has participated in numerous community service projects and has planned numerous other events throughout the semester.  Some of the philanthropies we have participated in already include building a playground for children in the town of Smithshire, and also helping set up, serve, and clean up at a Lobster Boil in Peoria.  This summer, Brother Scott Flynn had went above and beyond by completing a total of over 230 hours of service and is currently volunteered in coaching a youth flag football league.
Last semester, our chapter has also started the beginnings of a Board of Trustees, as we elected Professor Kelly Schultz as our Faculty Advisor.  

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