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        As members of Alpha Tau Omega  we are very involved within our communities and especially within the Monmouth community and surrounding areas.  We participate in numerous philanthropic activities each and every school year and many of us do so while we are at home as well.

        Our biggest philanthropic event of the year was held in Smithshire, Illinois, only a little ways from Monmouth (September 17th, 2005).  We helped the small town to build a new playground set for the children in town, seeing as the old playground equipment was decades old and getting rusty.  We were most proud of this event when we got to see the end result at the end of the 12-hour day.

Read the article in the Monmouth Daily Review Atlas

        While we are at school, we participate in campus-wide events such as the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life as well as blood drives and canned food drives (October 27th, 2005) held throughout the year.

        During the school year we also collect can tabs for the Ronald McDonald Foundation.  Another one of our yearly philanthropies is sprucing up the outside of the Boone House, which is owned by the school and used to hold retreats and meetings (September 11th, 2005).  Here are some pictures of us cleaning the Boone House:

        During the school year we also run many of our own off-campus philanthropies.  We have collected donations for local diagnosed cancer patients as well as bagged groceries for donations which were forwarded toward the American Cancer Society.

        On the night of Halloween we team up with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority on campus and help younger trick-or-treaters and their parents cross some of the streets in the town of Monnmouth.

        Not only do we help clean up the Boone House on campus, but we also clean the local baseball fields in Monmouth to get them looking clean and professional for the Little League Baseball's Opening Day.

        One of our last events of the school year was held at the Warrren County Achievement Center.  It was here that we met many wonderful children that were less fortunate than ourselves.  We spent hours at the home for the children simply giving them our company and spending time with them.  Many of them rarely even get to see their parents and we felt like we made an impact just by showing up.

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