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The following arguments contain claims and grounds.  You must infer and write out the warrant and label it by type (i.e. analogy, cause, definition, etc.).  Then create/ indicate an appropriate qualifier, reservation, and backing for this argument.


1. [gr.]Al Gore received more votes than George Bush in the presidential election of 2000; therefore, [cl.] he probably should have won.


[w.] The person with the most votes wins.  (DEFINITION OR VALUE)

[b.] it=s a fundamental principle of democracy.

[q.] probably

[r.] unless he did not win a majority of the electoral vote.


2. Given [gr.] the shuttle disaster, [cl.] NASA should abandon the manned space program.


[w.] Programs that fail to meet their goals should be abandoned. (POLICY or AUTHORITY)

[b.] according to the text, APrinciples of Public Administration.@

[q.] in most cases

[r.] unless we know for sure how to prevent any future similar accidents


3. [cl.] We should have never been involved in Vietnam because [cl.] it was a civil war which had no direct bearing on our national interests.


[w.] Never get involved in war unless the national interest is at stake.  (POLICY or AUTHORITY)

[b.] according to Henry Kissenger in APractical Foreign Policy.@

[q.] never

[r.] unless the American public is nearly 100% behind it


4. [gr.] Unless the car is out of gas, [cl.]  the reason it won't start must be a dead battery.


[w.] These are the only two reasons why a car won=t start.  (AUTHORITY or CAUSE)

[b.] My mother says so.  OR  scientific testing shows

[q.] must be (true)

[r.] unless the engine=s flooded

(Clearly this is a stupid Aargument@ because the warrant is absurd, but . . .  I actually heard someone say this.)


5. [cl.] DNA testing evidence should not be allowed in court because [gr.] no technology is ever completely reliable.


[w.] ACourts should not admit evidence that is not reliable.@  (AUTHORITY)

[b.] AIllinois Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2 - Rules of Evidence@

[q.] ever

[r.] unless a preponderance of experts conclude it is sufficiently reliable to establish scientific certainty.


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