COMM 335                                             Practice Exercises 11                                  McGaan



In the following arguments you must identify or infer and write out the claim, grounds and warrant.  Label the warrent by type (i.e. analogy, cause, definition, etc.).  Then identify or invent an appropriate backing, qualifier, and reservation.  


1.  Given the evidence presented in the AAUW Report on Gender and Schools, it is clear that public schools educate female students less well than males.









2.  The fact that a far higher percentage of males than females become school dropouts shows that the AAUW report (mentioned above) is simply wrong.









3.  Empirical research has demonstrated that K-12 teachers interact more often with male than female students.  This shows that males are the beneficiaries of favorable treatment by the schools.










4.  Surveys showing dramatic declines in self-esteem among teenage girls prove the schools are failing female students.









5.      Plans to create gender segregated classes for grades 6 through 12 should not be adopted.  The Areal world@ is not segregated.










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