COMM 335                                          Practice Exercises 12                                    McGaan


The following arguments contain claims and grounds.  You must infer and write out the warrant and label it by type (i.e. analogy, cause, definition, etc.).  Then create / indicate an appropriate qualifier, reservation, and backing for this argument.


1.  Professor McGaan says that trying to eliminate conflict in an organization only makes things worse.










2.  A study of over 30 work groups in business settings showed that failure to clearly define the problem and set a goal realistic is the most common error made in problem-solving.











3.  When the United States attacked the Taliban in Afganistan, the war ended in a matter of a few weeks.  That is what will likely happen when we attack Iran.











4.  Frogs in the pond near my house have recently been growing extra legs or showing other deformities.  The pond may be polluted.











5.  Since the economy often grows rapidly due to the need for new construction following a natural disaster, I'm guessing that we'll see an upturn in economic activity later this year following Katrina.











6.  Bush's prescription drug plan will eliminate one of the most serious problems facing the elderly and it costs less than other proposals.  I think it should become law..











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