COMM 335 - McGaan

Practice Exercises 3

Label or create the grounds, claim and warrant for each of the following arguments. You may have to infer some parts of the argument. (Make your choice of warrant as general as you can for the example given.) Identify the claim as fact, value, or policy.

1. Students need to develop "survival strategies" in an ever more competitive college and post-graduation world.


2. Students ought to choose strategies involving improved study skills and better time management.


3. Too often, students select strategies involving academic dishonesty as a way to "compete."


4. Cheating is the choice of students with relatively low self-esteem who wish to avoid the risk of failure.


5. Colleges need to develop comprehensive programs aimed at reducing the problem of cheating.


6. One of the consequences of repeated cheating is that the cheater becomes less capable of competing in the world of work after graduation.


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