Practice Exercises 7 - Types of Warrants


For the claims and grounds below, write out an appropriate warrant and identify what type of warrant it is.

1. [gr.] The recent drop in unemployment and the increase in consumer spending indicate that [cl.] the economy will continue to be strong.

Sign - These occurrences are indicators (signs) of a coming strong economy.

2. [cl.] You should not cut class. [gr.] The evidence shows that students who attend class regularly do best in their courses.

Policy - If a plan works to produce something good it should be adopted.

3. Students who [gr.] tolerate cheating and do not report it [cl.] are acting in a morally irresponsible manner.

Definition - Tolerating something immoral is itself immoral.

4. If [gr.] health care reform will hold down costs while insuring our choice of doctors. I think [cl.] it should be adopted.

Policy - If  a plan works to produce something good without causing harms,  it should be adopted.

5. [gr.] Experts recently determined that [cl.] there is liquid water on the planet Mars.

Authority - The experts would know!

6. [gr.] The fact the three college women have recently made charges of sexual harassment against other students indicates that [cl.] we have a serious problem with this issue.

Definition - Even three cases is enough to establish a serious problem if the issue is serious enough.     (Induction could also work here.)

7. [gr.] The mandatory recycling plan developed in Galesburg shows that [cl.] a similar recycling program for Monmouth is entirely practical.

Analogy - These two cities are alike in all important ways as regards recycling.

8. Any[gr.]one who argues for a free market solution to every problem [cl.] is definitely a libertarian.

Defintion - A person who argues for a free market solution to every problem is, by definition, a libertarian



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