Practice Exercises 7 - Types of Warrants
Comm 335 - McGaan

Each of the items below contains claims AND grounds.  Label them and then write out an appropriate warrant and identify what type of warrant it is.

1. The recent drop in unemployment and the increase in consumer spending indicate that the economy will continue to be strong.




2. You should not cut class. The evidence shows that students who attend class regularly do best in their courses.




3. Students who tolerate cheating and do not report it are acting in a morally irresponsible manner.




4. If health care reform will hold down costs while insuring our choice of doctors. I think it should be adopted.




5. Experts recently determined that there is liquid water on the planet Mars.




6. The fact the three college women have recently made charges of sexual harassment against other students indicates that we have a serious problem with this issue.




7. The mandatory recycling plan developed in Galesburg shows that a similar recycling program for Monmouth is entirely practical.




8. Anyone who argues for a free market solution to every problem is definitely a libertarian.




last updated 2/6/2007