CATA 335 McGaan


Identify the fallacies found in the arguments below. Be as specific as you can. In some cases there may be more than one fallacy in an argument.

1. American intervention in Vietnam led to disaster. So will our involvement in Iraq.

False analogy


2. Students in the 1960s promoted the idea of Asex, drugs and rock-and-roll.@ This led to the rise in crime rates we experienced during the 1970s.

False cause - post hoc

3. Every student should be a communication major. After all, everyone has to communicate


4. When AMarch comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.@



5. Mary Jane has offered no proof that oil drilling in Alaska will cause problems for the environment; therefore, I think we should adopt our plan to begin oil extraction from ANWAR soon.

Shifting the burden of proof


6. The school shootings in Jonesboro, AK and Littleton, CO and San Diego, CA prove that there is something seriously wrong with the way we are raising our children in this country.

Hasty generalization - too few cases


7.  I've watched all the news reports on the D.C. snipers and not a single story has mentioned any evidence that someone helped them conduct the shootings around Washington D.C.. They must have acted alone.


8. Any reasonable person would have to admit that violence in the media contributes to violence in society.

Poisoned well


9. Given that most colleges have made the decision to divest themselves of stock in tobacco companies, I think it is time to ban smoking on campus.

Evading the Issue, (ad populi? Red herring?)


10. Denorex shampoo is the best. You can feel it tingle on your scalp.

Evading the issue, Red Herring

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