CATA 335 McGaan


Identify the fallacies found in the arguments below. Be as specific as you can and briefly explain your choice of fallacy. In some cases there may be more than one fallacy in an argument.

1. The Bible tells us, "An eye for an eye," and so I think the U.S. is right to take revenge on China for damaging our plane.



2. Faculty shouldn't be deciding rules about alcohol use. It's the student's college and people who don't attend our school shouldn't tell us how it should be run.




3. Fraternity Omega Pi has proved its sexist attitude by again not requiring its members to attend the Women's History Month convocation.




4. College athletics are corrupt. Just look at what happened at Iowa where officials let off a basketball player who had been charged with rape.




5. Every intelligent person knows that it is necessary to sacrifice some freedom in order to control terrorism.




6. A review of the data at many campuses will show that fraternity members have lower GPAs than non-member males. Thus, fraternities can be seen to damage members academic progress.




7. The University of Chicago has security guards in every open building after dark. I think Monmouth should too!




8. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.



last updated 4/17/2003