COMM 339 – Persuasion

Theory Knowledge Homework

For each of the persuasion “events” described below, identify the specific persuasion theory you believe best explains or fits the circumstances or method used by the “persuader” (or the result described).  Then explain in a few words why the theory you selected seems the correct one (e.g. what features of the theory match elements of the event).


  1. When I want my roommate to give me a ride to Galesburg, I offer to buy him food at Buffalo Wild Wings.











  1. Soft drink companies often select popular, famous people to appear in their TV commercials.

  1. When public health officials attempt to convince parents to vaccinate their children for mumps and measles, it is very important that parents understand the dangers these diseases pose to children before pressuring the parents to sign a consent form.



  1. A Maxwell House “Celebrate the Moments of your Life” commercial for coffee shows a mother and daughter talking lovingly about the daughter’s impending marriage as they sit down together and share a cup of coffee together.






  1. In the last election, many political candidates believed that voters would oppose higher taxes because times are tough and higher taxes will take money out of voters pockets -- so those candidates promised not to raise taxes if elected.



  1. Magazine ads for designer clothes sometimes show very attractive people in luxurious locations with no words, just the designer’s logo.