Study Guide

Small Group Communication

know the following terms and concepts:

1. Two main concerns of small group communication: accomplishing the task and maintaining healthy relationships among group members.

2. Norm: how members ought to behave in a group.

3. Norms can consist of objectics.

4. Role: a pattern of behavior perceived, expected or enacted b y a member of a small group.

5. Consensus: the agreement among members, due to active participation in the process.

6. Y network: a network of communication consisting of two leaders disseminating information down a line of people

7. Circle network: a network without a central leader in which members can communicate with those on either side of them.

8. Member Satisfaction: the positive or negative evaluation of the group by the members. It is dependent on the extent of the success the group achieves.

9. Men are more likely to use deceptive behavior than women in small groups in order to get their way.

10. All-Channel network: the most member-satisfying communication network, and one of the slowest.

11. Wheel or Star network: a network with a central power figure.

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