MC Consulting

Product Development Team Contract

“The [Sample] Team”


  • Mary Jane will be the semi-formal leader of the team and liaison to Chet Amagan. Her duties and responsibilities include-
    • Writing weekly reports and submitting them to Chet on time.
    • Keeping the team focused and on track at meetings.
    • Reminding team members of duties and enforcing deadlines and team member responsibilities.
  • The team will make all decisions collectively; normally the team will discuss issues until a consensus is reached.  In cases when disagreement cannot be overcome, a majority vote will be the deciding factor.  If a vote is inconclusive, the team leader will decide what is in the best interest of the team.
  • Team members will meet every Tuesday from 2:00pm until 4:00pm (lab time) and we will attempt to use the entire lab time each week.  Extra weekly meetings will be scheduled on a need-basis; these will be arranged at the regular weekly lab meeting.  Each member will reserve the time from 9-10:30pm on Thursdays for extra team meetings.
  • The last ten minutes of each meeting will be devoted to discussing team strengths and weaknesses. Each team member will identify something about the team or the project that they feel is going well and will explain why.  After each team member addresses a strength, each member will then identify a concerns or complaint and explain why they are concerned.  Before ending the meeting the team must invent a solution which best meets the needs of the team or lay out a plan for coming to a solution related to concerns. It is the responsibility of team members to be upfront with each other, as well as considerate.
  • Team members will be expected to perform assigned tasks on time. They will also be expected to perform at their highest level of ability to accomplish high quality work.
  • If a team member is not performing to the highest expectations of the team, the other team members will consult with each other, and then the team leader will address the “struggling” member. The team leader will express the team’s concerns and work with the member to achieve better results. If the team member refuses to cooperate and work for the good of the team or in some other way fails to accomplish necessary goals, the team will collectively meet with Chet Amagan to come to a solution.
  • If a team member will not be able to attend any meeting, s/he is responsible for informing all of her teammates via email or phone. If s/he was responsible for bringing materials, information, etc, s/he will still be responsible for passing the materials along to another team member, prior to the scheduled meeting. Excessive absences or failure to meet the previously mentioned responsibility will be addressed by the team leader and then by Chet Amagan.
  • Valid excuses for absences include illness, athletics, family affairs, or work. Other excuses will be addressed by the team and judged as excusable or inexcusable. Two or more inexcusable absences will lead to termination from the team.

Signed:   Mary Jane