COMM 335 - McGaan

Practice Exercises 4

Label or create the grounds, claim and warrant for each of the following arguments. You may have to infer some parts of the argument. (Make your choice of warrant as general as you can for the example given.)

1. The Bears will not be a championship contender unless they get a better quarterback.



2. Trudi is the murderer. After all, her fingerprints were on the weapon and we know she had an argument with the victim just yesterday.



3. July is a bad month for trout fishing because the trout feed on the fry (babies) of other fish that month.



4. __________ (insert your name) is a good student.



5. People who are known to have committed a crime should not be allowed to represent the USA in the Olympics. (use this as a warrant.)



6.  The Superbowl is the most important advertising forum of the year.





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