COMM 335                                          Practice Exercises 8                              McGaan



The following arguments contain claims and grounds.  You must infer and write out the warrant.  Then create an appropriate qualifier, reservation, and backing for the argument.


1.  The patient's test results show her illness is caused by a staph infection.  Her doctor should prescribe penicillin for her.












2.  A substantial majority of Americans favor banning expression that is offensive to one or another religious group.  Therefore, we should enact such a ban without delay.













3.  Since Lawrence University, one of our ACM sister schools, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Music, Monmouth should too.










4.  George W. Bush tends to stumble over his words a lot.  I think he has a speech impediment









5. The government=s drug czar has pledged to use U.S. military forces inside the United States to police cities after natural disasters, in spite of the warnings that such action might be unconstitutional.  I think we should not do it.









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