Resolved that:

Monmouth College should significantly increase parking spaces on campus.

Affirmative Case 

Define terms: significant, parking spaces, on-campus


I. There is a need for more parking spaces

Signif Harm A. Cars are damaged on streets when parked

Signif Harm B. Students inconvenienced or endangered by long walks

Signif Goal Failure C. Lack of parking makes the campus less attractive to prospectives who the college seeks to recruit

Inherency D. Parking problems are inevitable given there are more registered cars than parking spaces in lots.


II. Our Plan will Solve this problem

1. Mandate: Our plan requires the building of 250 additional spaces in a parking garage

2. Mechanism: The College will contract and build a 250 space garage across from the new Huff Center

3. Function: The new garage will be funded by monthly parking fees from employees, visitor parking fees, tuition and fund-raising. Access will be available from Broadway, 7th Street and Archer Ave.


III. Our plan will Solve the need producing advantages.

Solvency A. More spaces will eliminate the need for on street parking and will be safer for cars

Solvency B. More spaces on campus will eliminate long walks in the dark and likely make spaces available where students need them.

Solvency C. Prospectives will discover how convenient MC is for parking, be impressed and matriculate.

Advantage D. College revenues will increase in the long-run

Advantage E. More and better parking will make MC attractive for summer workshops and similar events


Negative Case 

1st Negative

I.A  no signif -- too few cars damaged

I. B.  what non-sense.  No Harm.  Walking is good, not a harm.  also, no evidence of danger (and no significant danger)

I.C.  no evidence of significant # of declining prospectives due to parking issues,

Inher:  SQ solves (Euclid lot) and
   minor repair (better rides from security staff and no frosh cars allowed)


2nd Negative

Work 1.  The money isn't there.

Work 2.  Illegal to create access according to city laws




Solv A. and B. No significant advantage in safety and all walks are short so no adv. there either.

Solv. C.  Propspectives don't notice parking so no effect.

Solv.D. No reliable evidence this is true.


  1. ugly campus created
  2. increase tuition and fees hurts recruiting
  3. poor use of funds that could go to academics