CATA 335 - McGaan

Identify the fallacies found in the arguments below. Be as specific as you can and briefly explain your choice of fallacy. In some cases there may be more than one fallacy in an argument.

1. Bill Clinton is an honest man; therefore, he must have told the truth about Monica Lewinski.




2. If we allow the government to investigate customers before they purchase a gun, soon they will begin to confiscate all our weapons.





3. Since there is no evidence that fraternity rush during orientation week would cause damage to the college, I think we should do it.




4. As a traditional liberal arts college Monmouth should not have "pre-professional," 3-2 programs.





5. Given President Bush's drunk driving conviction, I don't see how we can support his tax cut plan.





6. Punishing the Iranian nation is a good idea.  Most Congressmen and the vast majority of the American public are for it.





7. People who support legalization of marijuana basically believe that, even though people who try this drug will become addicted and disfunctional, they have the right to ruin their own lives.  I just can't accept that.





8. Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell spoke to a convention of the Conservative Coalition, a group with members who are aledged to have ties to the KKK. I don't see how we can support his re-election campaign.