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   Power Point Presentation

 The goal of the presentation was to inform the students about self-mutilation and to tie it in with the course theme, The Ideal. Nella and I used a myriad of (things to present. what is that stupid word) including: art, our own and other people's, poetry, powerpoint, and instruments of self-mutilation. One of the many reasons why people self-mutilate is because they have failed to reach their own ideal. (add more here)

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   Personal Interest

 I am personally interested in this topic because it is something I dealt with in high school. I also have several friends who struggled with this problem. Self-mutilation is what sparked my interest in psychology and it is now my major.



         The Art

As tragic of a problem as self-mutilation is, there are many beautiful pieces of art work that come out of this form of suffering.

For more information and to see more art work go to this page.

The art of it all

The science of Self-Mutilation

There are many explanations to self-mutilation. Some of them are bio-psychological, some are emotional, and sometimes outside sources play into the beginning of this habit.

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The Role of the Citizen and Education of Citizens

 As citizens it is important to be aware of the issue of self-mutilation. It is vital people be educated so that they know what to do if they come across someone with this problem. It is imperative not to stereotype this problem to one nationality or one gender. Resolving this problem runs deeper than just being educated because the events in childhood affect the rest of the persons life. The role citizens is to be good understanding, and loving parents, siblings, and friends.





Societal Impact

Right now there is no regulation on self-mutilation expect that it is a social taboo and damaging to one's health. Putting regulations aside, the impact of this problem starts with an individual and spreads out from there. It affects the person's friends and family once they find out about it. It has been a rising problem since 1960 and especially in the last five to ten years. Based on this one can see that it spreads. More people are turning to self-injure as a solution to their problems.










Lots of Reflection

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Case Study

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Challenges and Concerns to the Human Condition

Much like what was said in the role of citizens. Self-mutilation is something to be concerned about. It affects 1% of the U.S. population. That is only the U.S. The challenge is that it is something that sufferers want to hide. But the greater challenge is how to make this stop, and the ultimate concern is for people their well-being.





An Addition

"Self-mutilation explained first hand"

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A Last Thought

 Self-mutilation is more real than many people like to think, but it is not to be ignored, stereotyped, joked about, or taken lightly. One in four teens suffer from this problem. Be kindly aware of the people around you.



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