We are a small company starting to research Green Florescent Proteins.  Our goal is to eventually promote GFP splicing in some internal body organs to primarily be able to easily determine if a cell has cancerous sites.  Also we wish to furthermore develop new methods of x-rays.


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 (Green Fluorescent Proteins)

Green Fluorescent Proteins are found in many organisms but is most commonly found in jelly fish. Green Fluorescent Proteins have wavelengths of 395nm and also a slight one at 475nm.  Its emission peak is at 509nm, which at the peak of the lower green spectra of visible light. Green Fluorescent Proteins are a high molecular weight compounds that consists of amino acids joined by peptide bonds from sea animals that belong to the Phylum Cnidarians.  These fish emit a blue-like glow when they perform quick releases release of calcium.  The calcium then reacts with photoprotien aequorin, which then turns the blue glow to a green glow.   GFP are used in the bioluminescence of different organisms. "The most interesting feature of the GFP  is that the function it performs is caused by the formation of a chromosome autocatalytic from its own backbone" (Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP): Applications, Structure, and Related Photophysical Behavior, 2002).  GFP is resistant to many things including "heat, pH, and organic salts" (Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP): Applications, Structure, and Related Photophysical Behavior, 2002).

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