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Below you will find links to the list of 08-09 Citizenship courses. Course descriptions include project assignments that groups of student enrolled in each section may expect to undertake. Students may wish to use these descriptions to request further information about course requirements, and community leaders may wish to access course descriptions and project assignments to discover likely partners for town/gown collaborations. Please contact course instructors with your inquiries about particular course project assignments.

INTG-401       Citizenship: Building Communities (Spring 2009)

INTG-402       Citizenship: Green Initiatives (Fall 2008)

INTG-402       Citizenship: Green Initiatives: Water (Spring 2009)

INTG-403       Citizenship: Taxes and the Citizenry (Spring 2009)

INTG-404       Citizenship: Civic Leadership (Spring 2009)

INTG-405       Citizenship: The Democracy Project (Both Semesters)

INTG-406       Citizenship: Theatre and Social Change (Both Semesters)

INTG-407       Citizenship: Monmouth’s Immigrant Communities
                        (Spring 2009)

INTG-408       Citizenship: Consumerism and Civic Duty (Fall 2008)

INTG-409       Citizenship: Creating Change through Art (Fall 2008)

INTG-410       Citizenship: Voluntary Action

INTG-411       Citizenship: Outside-School Learning Programs
                        (does not meet '08-'09)

INTG-412       Citizenship: Alternatives to War

INTG-413       Citizenship: Statistical Thinking (Spring 2009)

INTG-414       Citizenship: Land, Food, Sustainable Agriculture

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