Spring 2003

The honors students at Monmouth College have studied millennial texts this semester and created this website to share their knowledge.

Reading Through the Millennia: An examination of texts from three millennial transitions (1 B.C., 1000 A.D., and 2000 A.D.) with an emphasis on general cultural and historical characteristics as well as prophetic/predictive aspects of each period. The focus text for the first millennium is Vergil's Aeneid, which also provides a perspective back to 1000 B.C. The text for the second millennium is Dante's Inferno. The text for the third millennium transition is Arthur C. Clark's 2001: A Space Odyssey, both the film and the book. A course reading which spans these millennia is Iain Pears' Dream of Scipio. Stephen Jay Gould's Questioning the Millennium provides a context for discussing millennial and apocalyptic issues in the context of these readings. -Taken from the course syllabus (Dr. Sienkewicz)

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