Class Papers (Click the Boats to view):

"The Trojan Horse as a Metaphor"
- Christine DelRe
"Victims to Another's Fate" - Tiffany Dismuke
"Aeneas in Wonderland" 
-Michael Fanucce
"Virgil's Emphasis on Emotional Change"
- Brittany Hasselburg
"Fate and The Aeneid"
- Nicholas Kyriazes
"Two Destinies: Aeneas and Turnus"
- Zachary Muhrer
"The Representations of The Aeneid in Art"
- Alexis Oddson
William Provencher
"Prize, Pawn, and Wife:  The Plights of Creusa, Dido, and Lavinia"
-Ryan Schrodt
"Similes of War Enhances the Character of Turnus"
-Sherri-Gae Scott
"Aeneas the Blessed Mishap"
- James Thomas
"Even When Down in the Count, Don't Count Juno Out"
- Wendy Thomas

Mathew Underwood

Class Presentations (Click on the Boats to view):

"Art and the Aeneid"
- Alexis Oddson
"Aeneas the Misguided, but Never Forgotten Soul"
- James Thomas
"Dido and Carthage"
- Wendy Thomas
"Prophecy in Virgil's 'The Aeneid'"
- Sherri-Gae Scott
"The Underworld"  
-Mike Fanucce

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