From the minds of master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and science fiction writer came one of the most unusual tales ever told, 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Written almost simultaneously, the book and the film have captivated, informed, angered, and amazed humans for generations.

2001 is the story of the human race as it rises from being a group of unorganized and unintelligent man-apes to its domination over Earth and exploration of space.  Guided by strange monoliths the humans are striving for something:  invention, discovery, domination.  The monoliths eventual send man far beyond the Earth to a remote area of space where strange things happen and strange lights run amuck. 

Each student in the class wrote an essay on the book and/or the movie.  To view these, click here.  Several students also gave presentations of 2001; to view these, click here.


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