Dante's Inferno



    In Dante's Inferno the reader is led through a highly imaginative and extremely harrowing portrait of Hell.  here the punishments for the sins of mankind are inflicted upon transgressors, and Dante's vivid description of these punishments serves as a warning to his fellow humans: Obey the frakin' commandments or else!!!  Written as an Epic in the style of Homer and Virgil The Inferno stands as one of the great works coming out of Middle Ages Italy. 

     This site has been created to provide a comprehensive list of student projects and papers done on Dante's Inferno from the Reading Across the Millennia Course at Monmouth College..  Over the course of the semester topics ranging from the levels of hell to Dante and Islam have been presented and discussed within the class.  This webpage is designed to give you a small taste of our classroom experience and a better understanding of this classic work of literature.  The following are links to each class members presentation and paper.  We have also included a number of links to other websites we thought were helpful in our exploration of The Inferno


The Presentations


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