Dante's Inferno

The Papers

Each member of the Reading Across the Millennia Course was required to write a paper analyzing any chosen theme introduced within the literary work.  The following are links to each class member's essay.


Christine Del Re  - A Modern Day in Hell

   Nick Kyriazes  -   Dante, Lust, and Modern “Sensibility”

 Zach Muhrer - Dante and Ptolemy

Bill Provencher -  Dante’s The Divine Comedy: Hell and Islam

    Alexis Oddson -  Dante's Inferno:  The Artists 

  Ryan Schrodt - Stairway to Hell:  The Structure of Dante's Inferno

Jimmy Thomas - Dante's Struggle   

   Tiffany Dismuke  Dante's Levels of Hell

  Wendy Thomas - One Hell of a Time with Satan:  The Divine Comedy: The Inferno

Brittany Hasselberg - The Perfection of God's Justice

Sherri-Gae Scott - Dante and the Sins of the Inferno  

Matt Underwood

Michael Fanucce


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