? - 138

Hadrian appointed Aelius as his Caesar to succeed him but died of illness shortly before his own death. Aelius would probably have made a fine emperor as he was well liked by Roman citizens and was a capable military leader.


RIC 430d, Cohen 50 Denarius Obv: AELIVSCAESAR, Bare head right.
Rev: TRPOTCOSII; Felicita standing left, holding cornucopiae and caduceus. Lot sold for $126 1/7/02.

RIC 437 Denarius Obv: LAELIVSCAESAR. bare head right.
Rev: TRPOTCOSII Exe: CONCORD; Concordia seated left, holding patera and resting left elbow on chair.

RIC 439a Obv: LAELIVSCAESAR - Laureate head right.
Rev: TR POT COS II PIE TAS - Pietas standing right, holding patera and left arm resting atop Spes. Lot sold for $132 2/14/02.


RIC 1067 (Hadrian), Cohen 59 As Obv: LAELIVSCAESAR. Bust draped, head, bare, right.
Rev: TRPOTCOSII S C. Spes advancing left, holding flower and raising skirt.

RIC 1071 (Hadrian), S 1217 As Obv: LAELIVSCAESAR, head right
Rev: TRPOTCOSII S C, PANNONIA across field.

VM 15/1 As Obv: LAELIVSCAESAR; bare head right.
Rev: TRPOTCOSII S C; Fortuna standing left holding flower and cornucopiae.