Julia Aquilia Severa

Aquilia was Elagabalus's second wife, having married her in the summer of 220 A.D. He divorced her shortly afterwards and immediately married Annia Faustina only to divorce her, too, just a few weeks later. He finally remarried Aquilia and stayed married to her until he was murdered a couple of years later but she never bore him children. All coins struck in her name are very rare.

AR Denarius

RIC 225, S 2158 AR Denarius Obv: IVLIAAQVILIASEVERAAVG; Dressed bust right.
Rev: CONCORDIA; Concordia standing left, holding double cornucopiae and patera. Altar at her feet. Star in the left field.

RIC 226, Cohen 2 AR Denarius Obv: IVLIAAQVILIASEVERAAVG - Draped bust right.
Rev: CONCORDIA - Concordia standing left, holding patera and double cornucopia; a star in left field.