238 A.D.

Balbinus was one of the two nominees to the transfer of power following the disappointing crushing of the revolt led by Gordian I and II. As they were both chosen by the Senate to protect their own interests, both the Praetorian Guard as well as the public in general found the decision intolerable. Instead, they had wanted for a successor of pedigree. Understanding that gaining the support of the civilians and army was essential, they then found the teenager grandson of Gordian I and named him Caesar. Balbinus for his part had a deep mistrust for Pupienus (who felt likewise about Balbinus) and the two never got along despite public appearances to the contrary. The Praetorian Guard got whipped up into an unrelated frenzy but vented on the hapless two because they were such easy targets. Both were thus killed on the same day after a reign of only about three months.

AR Denarius

RIC 5, Cohen 20 AR Denarius Obv: IMPCDCAELBALBINVSAVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev: PMTRPCOSIIPP, Balbinus, togate, standing left, holding branch in right hand and parazonium in left. Lot sold for $377 3/11/02.

RIC 7, Cohen 23 AR Denarius Obv: IMPCDCAELBALBINVSAVG - Laureate bust right, draped and cuirassed.
Rev: PROVIDENTIADEORVM - Providentia standing left, holding wand left over globe at feet left, and in right hand, a cornucopia.

AR Antoninianus

RIC 10, Cohen 3, VM 1 AR Antoninianus Obv: IMPCAESDCAELBALBINVSAVG - Radiate bust right, draped
Rev: CONCORDIAAVGG - Clasped hands. Lot sold for $280 11/7/01.

RIC 12, Cohen 17 AR Antoninianus Obv: IMPCAESDCAELBALBINVSAVG - Radiate bust right, draped
Rev: PIETASMVTVAAVGG - Clasped hands.