Clodius Albinus

193 - 197 A.D.

Albinus was the Governor of Britain when the bloody shakeout and high-emperor turnover was happening in Rome. He struck a deal with Septimius Severus under which he acknowledged Severus as Augustus in return for the title of Caesar. Initially this setup was agreeable to Albinus but Severus little by little began positioning himself in the customary fashion of a dynast. Albinus recognized that if Severus's sons were being groomed for imperial roles this could only lead to contesting of the initial agreement down the road and, so, he took matters into his own hands and had himself declared emperor.

His timing was good because Severus had his hands full at the time warring in Persia and the Senate despised Severus anyway. Albinus then packed up the main body of his army and began moving towards Rome to solidify his claim there. However, Severus acted quickly and withdrew from the conflicts out east to settle the score with Albinus. By careful maneuvering he was able to intercept the main forces of Albinus, cut off their supplies and engage his weakened armies which were subsequently obliterated. For his part Albinus committed suicide when all was lost for certain. Severus then returned to Rome where he had those in the Senate who had vouched for Albinus executed for treason.

AR Denarius

RIC 1a, RSC 58 AR Denarius Obv: DCLODIVSALBINVSCAES, bare head right
Rev: PROVIDAVGCOS, Providentia standing left, holding in right hand wand over globe and sceptre in left.

RIC 1c, Cohen 55 AR Denarius Obv: DCLSEPTALBINCAES - Bare head right.
Rev: PROVIDAVGCOS - Providentia standing left holding wand over globe and scepter.

RIC 2, Cohen 9 AR Denarius Obv: DCLODSEPTALBINCAES. Head, bare, right.
Rev: COSII. Aesculapius standing left, holding serpent-wreathed rod.

RIC 7, Cohen 48 AR Denarius Obv: DCLODSEPTALBINCAES Bare head right.
Rev: MINERPACIFCOSII; Minerva standing, head left, holding olive branch and spear, shield at side. Lot sold $128 2/15/02.

RIC 11a, Cohen 61 AR Denarius Obv: DCLODSEPTALBINCAES - Bare head right
Rev: ROMAEAETERNAE - Roma seated left on shield, holding palladium and reversed spear. Lot sold for $81 11/19/01.

RIC 11b, Cohen 61 AR Denarius Obv: DCLODSEPTALBINCAES. Head, bare, right.
Rev: ROMAEAETERNAE. Roma, helmeted, seated left on shield, holding palladium and scepter.

RIC 20b, RSC 24 AR Denarius Obv: IMPCAESDCLOSEPALBAVG, laureate head right
Rev: FIDESLEGIONCOSII, clasped hands, holding legionary eagle.


RIC 54a, Cohen 49 Sestertius Obv: DCLODSEPTALBINCAES, bare head right
Rev: MINERPACIFCOSII, S C across field, Minerva standing left, holding branch, spear and shield.


Imhoof-Blumer 7 AE26 (Lydia, Saitta) Obv: Bearded head right.
Rev: Aphrodite, nude and diademed, standing left and covering herself, small winged Eros at left, holding torch, dolphin diving at right. Lot sold for $1,200 4/1/01.