? - 183

The wife of Commodus, upon discovering Crispina had been unfaithful to him he had her exiled to an island and executed some time afterwards.


RIC 287, Cohen 39 Aureus Obv: CRISPINAAVGVSTA, draped bust right
Rev: VENVSFELIX, Venus seated left, holding Nike, who holds an open wreath in both hands, in extended right hand, sceptre in left; dove standing left under seat.

AR Denarius

RIC 276, Cohen 1 AR Denarius Obv: CRISPINAAVGVSTA - Bare head bust right, draped.
Rev: CERES - Ceres standing left, holding corn ears and torch.

RIC 278, Cohen 5 AR Denarius Obv: CRISPINAAVGVSTA - Bust right, draped
Rev: CONCORDIA - Concordia standing left, holding patera and cornucopia.

RIC 281, Cohen 15 AR Denarius Obv: CRISPINAAVG - Bust right, draped
Rev: DISGENITALIBVS - Garlanded and lighted altar, square in shape. Lot sold for $91 11/7/01.

RIC 282, Cohen 21 AR Denarius Obv: CRISPINAAVGVSTA - Draped bust right
Rev: HILARITAS - Hilaritas standing left, holding long palm and cornucopia.

RIC 286a, Cohen 35 AR Denarius Obv: CRISPINAAVGVSTA - Draped bust right
Rev: VENVS - Venus standing front, head left, holding an apple in right hand and the other touching the hair at the back of her neck. (or gathering up drapery on left shoulder)