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Domitia was the daughter of Nero's famous general Corbulo. In 70 AD, Domitia was forced to divorce her husband and live on Domitian's estate. In 73 she bore him twins, a daugther and a son, the latter dying at the age of 2. She and Domitian married in 82 AD and divorced in early 83 AD, on rumors of adultery. Later in 83, a reconciliation was made, though Domitian continued to see his mistress. By 96, her life was in constant danger, as Domitian executed anyone suspicious of disloyalty. It is believed that she found her name on a list of people to be eliminated and took an active part in Domitian's assassination. After Domitian's death, Domitia retired into private life and lived until 150 AD.
- Cited from the Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.


RIC 212 (Domitian), BMC 61 Denarius Obv: DOMITIAAVGVSTAIMPDOMIT, draped bust right, hair in long plait down back of neck, with necklace.
Rev: CONCORDIAAVGVST, peacock standing right.

RIC 214 (Domitian), Cohen 12 Denarius Obv: DOMITIAAVGVSTAIMPDOMIT. Bust draped right, with hair in long queue, domed at top.
Rev: PIETASAVGVST. Pietas seated left, holding scepter; in front, a child.