276 A.D.

Florian was the half-brother of Tacitus who became ever-so-briefly the sole Senate-ratified emperor. While Tacitus was still alive, he sent Florian with a large army off to confront Probus, self-proclaimed emperor. Probus outsmarted Florian on the battlefield and emerged triumphant. Together with Florian's former army, Probus then resumed his march towards Rome.

AE Antoninianus

RIC 10 AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPCMANFLORIANVSAVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Rev: PROVIDENTIAAVG, Providentia standing facing, head left, holding in right hand wand over globe at her feet and cornucopiae in left.

RIC 40, Cohen 83 AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPCFLORIANVSAVG. Radiated and draped bust right.
Rev: SALVSAVG. Salus standing left, holding scepter and feeding snake rising from altar. Lot sold for $27 1/26/02.

RIC 61 AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPCMANFLORIANVSPAVG; Radiate, draped bust right.
Rev: FELICITASAVG Exe: Q; Felicitas standing left, caduceus in left hand, holding patera in right hand over lit altar.

RIC 77 AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPMANNIVSFLORIANVSAVG - Radiate bust right, draped and cuirassed.
Rev: PERPETVITATEAVG - Securitas standing left holding globe and transverse scepter; behind her, a column. Lot sold for $27 2/15/02.

RIC 116c, Cohen 15 AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPFLORIANVSAVG. Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right.
Rev: CONCORDIAMILITVM. Victory standing right, holding palm, presenting wreath to Emperor standing left, holding sceptre. Lot sold for $124 11/8/01.

Unlisted AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPCMANNIVSFLORIANVSAVG; Radiate, draped bust right.
Rev: FIDESMILITVM Exe: KA(officina); Fides holding two standards.

Unlisted AE Antoninianus Obv: IMPCMANFLORIANVSAVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right
Rev: PROVIDENDEOR, Providentia standing right, holding two ensigns, facing Sol standing left, raising right hand and holding globe.