473-474 A.D.

Glycerius was one of the inconsequential emperors holding office during the Western empire's last heartbeats. He was a puppet of the barbarian general Gundobad who, apparently seeking a stable relationship with the much more powerful Eastern half of the empire, caved in to formalities and chose to exercise his power over Italy through this chosen puppet.

But Leo I was not fooled and he nominated his own candidate, Julius Nepos, and sent him off towards Italy. Gundobad evaporated and Glycerius, not wishing to confront Leo's will, abdicated peacefully to Nepos. For his peaceful disposition in surrender he escaped execution and was subsequently made Bishop of Salona and then Milan.


RIC 3101 Solidus Obv: DNGLVCERIVSFPAVG; Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTORIAAVGG; Emperor standing left with foot on step, facing right, holding cross and Victory on globe.