Licinius II

c.312 - 324

Son of Licinius who was executed along with his father at the age of about twelve by Constantine on his final defeat over his long-time rival.

AE Follis

S 3815 Obv: IMPCVALLICINLICINIVSPFAVG; laureled head right.
Rev: IOVICONSERVATORI; Jupiter standing left, holing Victory, eagle at feet.


RIC 12 (Aquileia) AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBCAES; Laureate, draped bust left.
Rev: CONCORDIAAVGGNN Exe: AQ(officina); Concordia standingleft, holding cornucopiae and caduceus.

RIC 41 (Heraclea) AE3 Obv: DNVALLICINLICINIUSNOBC; Laureate bust left.
Rev: PROVIDENTIAECAESS; Camp gate with three turrets. Lot sold for $33

RIC 54 AE3 Obv: DNVALLICINLICINIVSNOBC - Helmeted bust left, with spear and shield
Rev: IOVICONSERVATORI Exe: X IIΓ/SMH(officina) - Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on a globe and scepter, at feet, left, an eagle with wreath in beak, at right, a captive. Lot sold for $66 2/17/02.

RIC 55 AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBCAES - Laureate bust left, draped, holding Victory on a globe and mappa.
Rev: VIRTVSEXERCIT - Banner with VOT/XX on it standing between two bound captives.

RIC 69 AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBCAESAR; Laur, draped, cuir. bust r.
Rev: VICTORIAELAETAEPRINCPERP; two victories placing a shield incribed VOT PR on altar. Lot sold for $39 11/24/01.

RIC 125v AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBCAES. Laureate, draped, bust left, holding Victory on Globe.
Rev: VIRTVSEXERCIT; Two captives seated both sides on a standard inscribed VOT/X.

RIC 132 AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBCAES; Laureate, cuirassed bust left holding Victory on globe.
Rev: VIRTVSEXERCIT; Two captives seated beneath standard inscribed VOT X.

RIC 155 AE3 LICINIVSIVNNOBC. Laureate head right. CAESARVMNOSTRORVM. Legend around laurel wreath enclosing VOT/V.

RIC 162 AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBC - Laureate head right
Rev: CAESARVMNOSTRORVM - VOT/V in two lines inside of wreath.

VM 10v AE3 Obv: LICINIVSIVNNOBC; laureled, cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTLAETAEPRINCPERP; Victories placing shield on altar, VOT/PR inscribed within.