Clodius Macer

68 A.D.

Clodius Macer was an opportunist who took advantage of a revolt following Nero's death and the power struggle that ensued. He gambled that by appropriating northern Africa, Rome's food supply, he would strongarm the senate into accepting him as the next Augustus. Instead, Galba's fortunes improved and he consolidated power instead. Galba then suppressed Macer's small army and had him executed.

All of Macer's coins are exceedingly rare. In fact, there are only about 85 known to date, only 20 of which bear his portrait.

AR Denarius

RIC 39, RSC 13b AR Denarius Obv: LCLODIVSMACER Exe: SC; Bare head of Macer right
Rev: PROPRA AFRICA; Galley with seven oarsmen sailing right. Lot sold for $26,000 1/16/02.