457 - 461 A.D.

From CNG: Majorian came from an illustrious Italian family and was considered a possible successor to the throne after the death of Valentinian III in 455. With the deposition of Avitus in October 456, Majorian and Ricimer were the de facto rulers of the West, and Majorian was proclaimed emperor by the army on 1 April 457. Just as Avitus had not been accepted in Italy, Majorian was not accepted in Gaul, and he successfully led military campaigns in 458/9 to quell any threat of revolt from that quarter. He did not have such luck in Spain, however, as in 460/1 his two naval expeditions against Gaiseric met with disaster. In the meantime, he also had aroused the suspicions of Ricimer, and after Majorian's return to Rome on 2 August 461 he was seized, and five days later he was beheaded.


RIC 2646v AE4 Obv: DNIVLMAJORIANVSPFAVG, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTORIAAVGGG Exe: MD, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm. Lot sold for $1,350 1/16/02.