450 - 457 A.D.

Marcian succeeded Theodosius II upon the emperor's accidental death. It appears a commander by the name of Arbadur was key in securing the post for Marcian and convinced Pulcheria, Theodosius's widow, to not only confirm the nomination but also become his nominal wife, a purely political relationship that was only to strengthen the legitimacy of Marcian's claim to the throne. They would lead separate lives from then on. Marcian proved a capable manager for the eastern seat of the empire and died without incident in 457 of old age.


RIC 510 Solidus Obv: DNMARCIANVSPFAVG, diademed and helmeted three-quarter facing bust, holding spear over right shoulder and shield with horseman motif on left arm
Rev: VICTORIAAVGGG, Victory standing left, holding long voided cross; star in right field. Lot sold for $550 1/16/02.


RIC 520 Tremissis Obv: DNMARCIANVSPFAVG, Diademed draped cuirassed bust right.
Rev: VICTORIAAVGVSTORVM, Victory advancing right holding cross on globe and wreath. Star in right field.


VM 12 AE4 Obv: DNMARCIANVSPFAVG; diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right.
Rev: No legend, Marcian's monogram. Lot sold for $26 3/5/02.