Romulus Augustus

475 - 476 A.D.

Romulus Augustus was the last named emperor of the Roman empire. He was the son of Orestes, a barbarian king that overran the Italian peninsula and who named his son emperor only to keep appearances of legitimacy. Barely in his teens, this last emperor was to be thoroughly inconsequential with the exception of being the last. Soon another barbarian king, Odoacer, loomed on the horizon and the two kings fought and Odoacer emerged victorious. With Orestes dead, Odoacer decided to spare the life of Augustus on account of his age but stripped him of his titles and exiled him to a rural estate to live with relatives. His imperial dress and other related accoutrements were packed and sent to Zeno, the eastern emperor, along with several senators and they were made to hand over his resignation along with terse notice to the effect that Rome no longer needed an emperor. And with this the Western Roman empire was finished as such and began its ultimate slide into the medieval age.


VM 2, Cohen 10 Tremissis Obv: DNROMVLVSAVGVSTVS; Diademed, draped bust right.
Rev: No legend Exe: CONOB, cross within wreath.