260 A.D.

Saloninus was the son of Gallienus and became Caesar upon the death of his brother Valerian II. He led his armies on a mission to quell barbarian revolts in Germany but Postumus, his leading general, revolted and had himself declared Augustus. Saloninus, still only Caesar, fled with a group of loyalist troops but were soon surrounded by Postumus. The soldiers dug into their quarters and raised Saloninus to the rank of emperor but the siege wore them down and Postumus finally captured and executed him.

AR Antoninianus

RIC 14, Cohen 94 AR Antoninianus Obv: IMPSALONVALERIANVSAVG; Radiate and draped bust right.
Rev: SPESPVBLICA; Spes walking left, holding flower and raising hem of dress. Lot sold for $1,500 9/19/01.

RIC 26, Cohen 49 AR Antoninianus Obv: LICCORSALVALERIANVSNCARS; Radiate, draped bust right.
Rev: PIETASAVG; Lituus, knife, patera, vase, simpulum and sprinkler. Lot sold for $240 4/1/01.

RIC 28 AR Antoninianus Obv: LICCORSALVALERIANVSNCARS - Radiate bust right, draped and cuirassed
Rev: PRINCIVVENT - Prince standing left, holding ensign atop a captive left and spear. Lot sold for $46 11/22/01.

RIC 35, RSC 21 AR Antoninianus Obv: DCORSALVALERIANVSCARS, radiate and draped bust right
Rev: DIINVTRITORES, Jupiter standing left, holding sceptre in left hand and presenting Victory on globe to Saloninus who is standing right.

RIC 36 AR Antoninianus Obv: SALONVALERIANVSNOBCAES; Radiate bust right.
Rev: SPESPVBLICA; Spes presenting flower to Saloninus. Lot sold for $20 12/20/01.