Uranius Antoninus

c.253 - 254 A.D.

A minor player in a tempestuous period involving a large-scale civil war, Uranius Antoninus hailed from Syria where he appropriated the throne and title of emperor. History leaves no record of rise nor fall of this usurper and all that is known for certain is that his days in power were short-lived. All of his coins are highly prized for their rarity.


Baldus 20, Prieur 1056v AE Antoninianus (Emisa, Syria) Obv: AVTOK•COVLPANTWNINOCCE, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right; viewed from behind.
Rev: ĐHMAPXEXOVCIACYPATOB, eagle standing facing, wings spread, head left with wreath in beak; SC under wings. Lot sold for $2,500 9/19/01.

Unlisted AE Antoninianus Obv: LIVLAVRSVLPVRAANTONINVS; Laureate, draped bust right.
Rev: FECVNDITASAVG; Fortuna standing left, holding cornucopia in left hand, rudder in right.