? - 488?

Wife of Leo, brother of Basiliscus and mother of Ariadne. Verina would play a key role in the oustings of Zeno and then her brother Basiliscus. Probably to cover up a scandalous affair and political advantage she turned against Basiliscus to support her former enemy Zeno who had been in exile. Zeno mistrusted her even though her aid was crucial in his reinstatement and had her exiled. Because she probably felt betrayed she once again turned against him and supported the failed coup of Leontius. She lost her life during the usurper's siege.


RIC 655, LRBC 2253 AE2 Obv: AELVERINAAVG; Diademed, draped bust right.
Rev: SALVSREIPVBLICAE; Victory seated right holding shield, Chi-Ro within.