Each year, State Vice Presidents are contacted by their Regional Vice President and asked to submit information on activities which have occurred in their states or provinces that year. Information on membership and scholarship activities should also be included. This material, in turn, is used by the Regional Vice President in producing a Regional Annual Report. These reports are submitted to the CPL Chair and become the CPL Report to the Executive Committee of CAMWS and other members at the CAMWS annual meeting and on the CAMWS web site. In certain years, an article on CPL has appears in the Classical Journal, the CAMWS Newsletter, or the CAMWS Web Site which contains information taken from these reports.

This statement describes the process and the purpose but not timing, content, and format. The state report must usually be in the hands of the regional vice-president by March 1st. The regional report must be sent to the CPL Chair by March 15th. While these dates sound early, please remember that there is a lot of labor involved in collating the reports and printing them out in time for the CAMWS meeting.

As we look ahead to preparing the next report, I think it might be useful for us to brainstorm about what sort of information would be useful in these reports. I sketch out a few suggestions here and hope that you will share your comments with me and fellow vice-presidents.

Suggested Content for Annual Report:

1.) Information on the activities of the state classical association;

2.) Promotional activities in the state;

3.) CAMWS membership (efforts at promotion and results);

4.) Efforts in the state to meet the CPL annual goals;

5.) Use of CPL monies, interest in CAMWS scholarships, etc.;

6.) Problems and Challenges in the state;

7.) OTHER?

Suggestions about Format:

1. Reports should be written in the third person. Individuals should be not mentioned just by first name. Use first and last name the first time and last name in subsequent references.

2. Abbreviations and acronymns should always be explained the first time they are used. Please remember that you are not just writing this for people in your state, province, or region. (ISU, for example, can mean Illinois State University, Indiana State University, etc.)

3. State/province reports should not be based soley upon the activities of any one individual or institution but should reflect the activities of people and institutions throughout the state/province.

4. The regional report should not be a simple compendium of the state/provincial reports. Rather some attempt should be made to treat the materially regionally.

This material was posted on the web by CPL Chair, Tom Sienkewicz, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. If you have any questions, you can contact him at

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