"Latin Outreach: Working with Administrators, Counselors and Parents"

    CAMWS, Provo, Utah
    Saturday, April 21, 2001
    10:00 A.M. to 12:00 Noon
    Cedar Room of the Provo Marriott Hotel

The CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin sponsors this pedagogy panel on Latin outreach. The presenters bring together a wide variety of experiences in dealing with administrators, counselors, and parents. Each presenter will speak for 10-15 minutes. Ample time will be allotted for discussion and input from the audience.

Tom Sienkewicz,
Chair of CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin
Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois

Participants: Please click on their names to read about their presentations.
Sherrilyn Martin
of Keith Country Day School, Rockford, Illinois (martins@keith.lincon.org)
Cathy Daugherty of the Hanover Co. Public Schools in Virginia (cdaugher@hanover.k12.va.us)
E. Christian Kopff of the Honors Program at the University of Colorado in Boulder (kopff@spot.colorado.edu )

The goal of this panel is to discuss ways Latin teachers can encourage better communication with administrators, counselors, parents, and the general public. Members of this panel bring together many years of experience as teachers, administrators, and counselors throughout CAMWS territory and will share some of their experiences with the audience. Their 10-15 minute presentations will be followed by discussion among the panelists and members of the audience in the hopes of generating material which can be shared in written form with CAMWS members and others in the Classical world.

In "The College Counselors Speak" Sherrilyn Martin will assess the place of Latin in the college admissions process. This presentation will feature the results of an informal survey of high school college placement counselors and college/university admissions representatives in Illinois. Suggestions from the perspective of a small, independent college preparatory school will be offered.

In "Latin Outreach: The View From the Middle" Cathy Daugherty, foreign language specialist in Hanover County, Virginia, will offer her perspective on reaching administrators, counselors, and parents as they work with students making decisions about taking foreign language courses in general and Latin, specifically. Suggestions to facilitate and supplement the needs of administrators, counselors, and parents will be given as part of the presentation. Samples of materials developed by the speaker for each of these target groups will also be shared.

In "Working with Administrators and Teachers to introduce Latin into the Elementary School Curriculum", E. Christian Kopff of the Honors Program at the University of Colorado will describe his work with administrators in the establishment of new Latin programs. In November, 1985 he visited Dr. Rudolph Masciantonio, head of foreign language instruction for the Philadelphia School District along with the principal of a Colorado elementary school. Masciantonio talked with them at length and arranged for them to spend the rest of the day viewing classes of the program in Language Arts through Latin that he had developed. When Kopff thanked Masciantonio for his time and effort, Masciantonio said," I made time when I saw you were coming with a principal. Principals can make things happen." Kopff’s presentation will deal briefly with two types of administrators. (1) Elementary school principals who are open to Elementary School Latin. My experiences with parochial, charter and regular public schools. (2) University administrators who can help develop programs to train teachers for elementary school Latin. He will give brief and anonymous examples of good and bad experiences with both types in the hope that more will emerge in discussion.

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