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1. Requests for CPL funds are submitted to the State Vice President first.

2. The State Vice President confirms that the grant applicant is a member of CAMWS and then recommends whether the request should be approved or denied (usually providing a justification in the latter case).

3. The State Vice President submits the form to his or her Regional Vice President. (This should be done on the same day that the request is received!)

4. The Regional Vice President then approves or refuses the request.

5. The Regional Vice President submits the form to the Chair of the CPL for final consideration.

6. If approved by the Chair of the CPL, the form is sent to the Secretary-Treasurer, who in turn, issues the necessary checks.

7. If not approved, the Chair of the CPL informs the person submitting the original request that it has not be approved. The Chair may suggest possible ways to amend the request so that its acceptance might be granted when resubmitted. Copies of this correspondence are sent to the appropriate State and Regional Vice Presidents, as well.

While the members of the CPL try to act upon request quickly, as much time as possible should be allowed for this process. It sometimes takes a while for the final decision/check to reach the party making the request for funds..

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